Piano Chords a Chord Publication and also Forty Eight Popular Chords For Beginners

I am sure you have come across Piano Chords Well, that could be a little deceiving because when you play chords, normally with you left hand, you would play chords on a digital key-board or electric organ as opposed to a piano.

When learning to play the piano you would generally find out, exactly what I call a moving left hand rather than a 3 note or four-note chord. You can still use chords with a piano but you should place the bass note in first before playing the chord. So if you are playing a C chord you would certainly play the C bass note initially with your left hand then the C chord. With a digital keyboard, you would merely play the C chord as well as the auto-chord feature that most keyboards have will certainly add the bass note for you.

For all you keyboard as well as body organ novices out there all you need to start with is some basic set of three and also seventh chords. There are hundreds of chords to find out, but think exactly what; you don’t have to discover them now.

Let me offer you an example, if you are playing your preferred tune on your key-board and you discover a chord called C6 or C9 or perhaps C11 exactly what do you do, stop, and also discover these chords or continue playing as well as find out these chords later, if you wish to. Sound confusing, it’s not really, just what you do is play an easy C chord as opposed to the C6, C9 or C11.

When you view a number connected to a chord it implies you are adding another note to that chord. So as an example C6 means play a C chord and include a sixth to it, and if you don’t know just what the sixth is merely play the C chord and also find out the sixth later.

Now I do not intend to bombard you with theory but there are specific rules when playing nine and eleventh chords, the rule being you have to include the seventh when playing these sorts of chords. Now, as a novice you can substitute 9th as well as eleventh chords with seventh chords. Now, you have a selection, if you view a C9 chord, you could play either a C chord or a C7 chord, both are adequate as well as both will seem correct.

Here are the chords I suggest beginners learn.

12 Significant Chords
12 Seventh Chords
12 Minor Chords
12 Minor Seventh Chords.

The 12 Major Chords are:
C, G, D, A, E, B, F#/ Gb, C#/ Db, Ab, Eb, Bb, F

The 12 Seventh Chords are:
C7, G7, D7, A7, E7, B7, F# 7/Gb7, C# 7/Db7, Ab7, Eb7, Bb7, F7

The 12 Minor Chords are:
Cm, Gm, Dm, Am, Em, Bm, F# m/Gbm, C# m/Dbm, Abm, Ebm, Bbm, Fm

The 12 Minor Seventh Chords are:
Cm7, Gm7, Dm7, Am7, Em7, Bm7, F# m7/Gbm7, C# m7/Dbm7, Abm7, Ebm7, Bbm7, Fm7

That’s 48 of the most preferred chords made use of in modern music today. If you discover these chords, you will have the ability to play hundreds of tunes that are extensively offered in songbooks and also sheet songs.

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